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The A.O.B. page is used for any other useful pieces of information or pearls of wisdom we feel the urge to share with you.

Browser cache

You may not be aware that your browser (Internet Explorer is probably what you use) stores web pages on your own computer to make browsing the internet faster. This means that if a web page has been updated you may not be seeing the latest version. You need to clear out the storage in the computer's "cache" and then you will pick up the latest versions. Usually clicking the 'refresh' icon on the toolbar is adequate (see pink arrow on image below pointing to the Internet Explorer 'refresh' icon).


However if this doesn't work and you don't see the updated page you need to follow instructions given at The browser you are using is automatically detected - click on the image at the bottom of the screen for your instructions.

File sharing provides a useful storage area (currently 2GB) as part of your hosting package. It can only be accessed using an email address associated with the domain name (& the email password). It is ideal for sharing photographs and documents which we do not wish to send by email.

Log in to file sharing provide instructions on how to log in to this storage area here: How do I access 1&1 Online Storage?

You will see a familiar looking folder/file structure. Generally you will find our shared documents within the My Documents folder.

How to download/save a file onto your own computer

Follow the three steps shown in the image below:

file sharing

Pop-up dialog box allowing you to save/open the shared file on your own computer:

save doc


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