Help? with domain name

Every website has a unique address - a domain name - for example

What makes a good domain name?

Your business may already have a name, in which case you will wish to use this - or a version of this - as your domain name.

When choosing your domain name:

  • make it memorable
  • keep it reasonably short - though if it's memorable have it as long as you wish (although you will need it to fit onto business cards etc)
  • make sure it isn't too similar to an existing domain name
  • generally choose the top level domain .uk - e.g. or - if your business is international you could go for .com.

Is my chosen domain name available?

Check the availability of your chosen domain at 1&1 Domain Checker.

Enter a prospective domain name and tick the checkbox(es) for the appropriate top level (eg and then click the blue button "CHECK". Your chosen name will then be displayed along with a message - "available" or "already registered" - plus, a usually totally unsuitable, list of alternative suggestions!

The cost of domain registration is approximately £2.00-£3.00 (+ vat) per year (usually with a minimum 2 year registration period).

How do I buy a domain name?

You can register your domain name at the same time as ordering your hosting package. See Hosting.