Help? with web statistics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) has been installed on your website. GA is a free tool that can be used to track information about visitors to your site. It can provide you with information about how visitors found your website (e.g. directly, using keyword searches via a search engine or a referral from another website). You will see which pages have been visited and how long visitors spent on your pages as well as more information about the visitor's browser, network and so on.

GA is an all-singing, all-dancing "enterprise-class" tool, so many of its features don't apply to simpler non e-commerce sites. But don't be put off by the myriad of options available as GA can offer some really useful and fascinating insights into what has been happening on your site.

Accessing Google Analytics

  • go to
  • click on the blue button "Access Analytics"
  • sign in with the email address and password for your Google Account
  • click on "view report"

You can view statistics for a date range by clicking on the drop down arrow to the right of the two dates shown on the right hand side. Select a start and end date and then click "apply".

The "dashboard" column on the left hand side of the screen can tell you more about:

  • Visitors - their browser and network
  • Traffic Sources - which search engines and what keywords have been used to reach your website
  • Content - what pages have been requested

Help from Google on Analytics

Accessing 1&1 Analytics & email reports

1&1 Site Analytics

1&1 also provide information about visitors to your site. In March 2011 they upgraded the software and it may now be worth considering using SiteAnalytics as an alternative to Google Analytics if you find the data simpler to access.

However, we have found vast discrepancies between reported visits in 1&1 SiteAnalytics and the Google Analytics equivalents. 1&1 are reporting many more visits, which may mean that they are including visits by robots (these crawl the web indexing pages for use by search engines) - this may be a temporary problem, resolved by the time you read this!

  • login to your control panel (see "Your 1&1 control panel" in the Hosting section for details) - 1& - click on "Customer Login" and then enter your account number or website name and your password
  • look for the headings Website/Applications > For Your Website and then click on "1&1 SiteAnalytics".
  • Click on the blue tab "Start 1&1 SiteAnalytics"
  • EXPLORE! There is lots of useful information there. You may get valuable insights into which pages are popular and which are rarely visited and so on.

1&1 Analytics email reports

You can request email reports - click on the "Settings" link and then "Reports by Email" - you can request a single report or more usefully periodic reports. Every so often you will need to renew your "subscription" for periodic reports - 1&1 will email you with notification that the subscription has expired.