Help? with updating

Now you've got a website you will want to make changes now and again to keep the content up-to-date. You can apply changes to the content of your site yourself using a simple CMS (Content Management System). CMSs come in all shapes and sizes and the administration/control panels vary in complexity. We have found that simple is best for small business websites and we currently use CushyCMS or PageLime.

We define areas of the site as updateable, allowing you to log on to the control panel as Site Editor and apply changes yourself.

Should you need any complex or structural changes to your site please get in touch with us - we provide a quick and efficient site updating service at £25 per hour.


Logging on/basic updating with CushyCMS

  1. go to CushyCMS ( Click on the Log in button and log in using your email address and password. If you have forgotten your password (sent to you in a CushyCMS welcome email) click on recover password.
  2. this is the control panel, with your website name and a list of pages which are editable - click on the page name that you wish to edit.
  3. you will see one or more test pages (beginning with "TEST") which we have set up for you - have a go at updating these before making changes to your live website. The test pages will also have the words TEST added to a main page heading to help avoid any confusion.
  4. when you have selected a page you will then be presented with the editable areas of this page - each area is displayed within a simple wysiwyg editor (what you see is what you get) with a row of editing icons along the top.
  5. apply the changes you wish to make and scroll to the bottom of the wysiwyg editors and click the PUBLISH PAGE button. OR click the small "cancel" button.

Updating tables with CushyCMS

  1. if you have information contained within a table on your website, it will appear within the wysiwyg editor in table format (but without the style and spacing that is shown on the live website).
  2. to edit content with existing table rows, simply click on the data and amend as required (remember to PUBLISH PAGE!).
  3. if you wish to add a new row to the table right click within the table - a pop up menu for table editing will appear.
  4. within this pop up menu hover over Row for options to "insert row before" or "insert row after" the current cursor position. You can also "delete row".
  5. when you have applied changes to the table remember to PUBLISH PAGE.

Add links/hyperlinks with CushyCMS

  1. select the text that you wish to become the link/hyperlink
  2. click on the chain link icon (third from left, after bold and italic) icons.
  3. a pop up dialog box appears with four tabs - Link Info, Target, Upload, Advanced.add hyperlink
  4. Link Type is "URL" for an external site. Type in the website name for the URL field.
  5. Click on the Target tab on the dialog box - select New Window (_blank) from the list, this means that the link will open up in a new tab/window.
  6. Click OK

CushyCMS help

  1. There is a short screencast on the CushyCMS website How to install and edit with CushyCMS in less than 5 minutes which is worth watching, although the first part of it is intended for web designers and the second part is for editors (i.e. you!).
  2. There are some useful video tutorials at this website. To view the videos in fullscreen mode - click on the little icon 2nd from right in the control panel (which also contains play button, mute, pause etc). To return to normal mode press 'Esc' on your keyboard.